Useful Links

DfT Street Works Index

The DFT is the government department responsible for street works legislation. This is a direct link to the DFT street works index
Dft Traffic Management Act Link to the DFT Traffic Management Act
Electronic Transfer of Notifications (ETON) Provides support on technical enquiries on ETON. These are directed via the HAUC website to the relevant working group.
Providing guidelines on Roadworks and Buses
HAUC-UK Provides Highways Authorities and Utilities Committee (HAUC) members with support advice on street works issues
Highways Agency The government agency responsible for Managing, Maintaining, & Improving England's Strategic Trunk Road Network 
Highways Maintenance A useful 'privately operated' website providing information on Highway Maintenance
HMSO To purchase copies of the CODES of Practice and other relevant street works legislation
Local Government Association The LGA exists to promote better Local Government
Local Government Web Sites in England and Wales A useful website that has a link to every County, District and Unitary Authority in England and Wales
National Street Gazetteer NSG Website New Site Link From November 2005
NJUG Provides National Joint Utility Group (NJUG) members with support advice on street works issues
Powys HAUC Website A website provided by a member of welsh HAUC
Street Works Info A useful 'privately operated' website provideing current street works information and website links
Welsh HAUC Provides Welsh HAUC members with support advice on street works issues
Manchester City Council Manchester City Council Statutory Undertakers of Roads & Street Works