14 February 2007

Map Showing Recyling Sites for the North East

14 February 2006

Safety at Street Works and Road Works


03 February 2006

ELGIN/EMPRESS Presentation provide to NEHAUC on 26 January 2006


27 January 2006

New Northumberland's Highways Mapping webpage


  • This webpage allows you to view maps of Northumberland overlaid with information regarding events which have an impact on the highways network, for example the location of utility works, skips, traffic controls etc. http://maps.northumberland.gov.uk/gazetteer


03 January 2006

New NSG website now active  


 03 January 2006

 Recycling sites located in the NEHAUC region


19 December 2006

Temporary Traffic Signal Application Pack Awaiting Formal Approval from DFT



25 November 2005

TMA DfT report on the public consultation - Traffic Management Act, Parts 3-4 and New Roads and Street Works Act s.74


19 September 2005

Updated timetable

Traffic Management Act street works provisions (Parts 3 and 4) and related

  • New Roads and Street Works Act Provisions Acrobat PDF file: size 425Kb


03 February 2005

Traffic Management Act, Parts 3-4 and New Roads and Street Works Act s.74

Consultation documents now available from DfT website follow the following link


02 December 2004

The Traffic Manager Duty guidance is now available on the DfT website and can be found at:


  09 August 2004

-v-Gwynedd Council-v- British Telecommunications Plc ----- Appeal


  •   Judgement from recent appeal court case  



29  July 2004

Traffic Management Act 2004

22 July 2004

Traffic Management Act 2004

  • The House of Lords on Tuesday 20 July did not push the re-introduced intervention (Traffic Director) clauses to a vote and so the Bill has now passed through all its stages and will receive the Royal Assent today (Thursday, 22 July) and become the Traffic Management Act, 2004.


10 June 2004

Link to Go North East guidelines for Roadworks and Buses


          Link also available on useful links on this website



14 April 2004

Link to Statutory Instrument 2004 No. 572


12 February 2004

  •  Response to Transport Select Committee Report on the Traffic Management Bill  Acrobat PDF file: size 425Kb


17 December 2003

LCC-v-Transco - Petition to House of Lords

16 December 2003

British Telecommunications Plc -v-Gwynedd Council


15 December 2003

Traffic Management Bill


 26 November 2003 

This report is the Government's response to the Transport Select Committee's individual conclusions and recommendations, in their report on local roads and pathways, on the maintenance of local roads, footways, street lighting and bridges.  Including reference to Street Works Section 17 28.



20 November 2003

3rd Edition of the Co-ordination Code of Practice - DELAYED

  • The follow extract is from the HAUC (UK) website:

The Notices Working Party are aware that many "NRSWA colleagues" have been querying the progress towards "sign-off" of the 3rd Edition of the Co-ordination Code of Practice, as they wish to make decisions about their noticing systems and business processes. The NWP Joint Chairs have recently been in discussion with the DfT, and it is now apparent that the 3rd edition of the Code will most likely be delayed until at least 1 July 2004, due to the potential impact and necessary changes required to the Regulations and to the Code itself if the proposed Traffic Management Bill is implemented.

A further announcement about the implementation of the Code will be made as soon as confirmation of the dates is given by the DfT.

Harry Pendleton and Chris Tunstall

HAUC(UK) Joint Chairs.

20 November 2003  


10 Nov 2003


  • Oftel now have a register of companies granted the Electronic Communications Code under Section 106 of the Communications Act 2003 - those that held a Licence with code powers prior to 25 July 2003. www.oftel.gov.uk/ind_info/licensing/code_powers.cs



05 Nov 2003




New Codes Direct Links:


13 May 2003

17 February 2003

6 December 2002

  • Code of Practice for Recording of Underground Apparatus in Streets

    This new code of practice will come into operation on 1 May 2003. The code will be accompanied by new regulations which also come into force on the same day.

    Undertakers are required to provide, keep up to date and make available for inspection, records of every item of apparatus belonging to them in the street as soon as reasonably practicable after placing it in the street, altering its position or locating it in the course of executing any other works.

20 September 2002

21 August 2002

16 August

25 July 2002

1 July 2002

24 June 2002

Her Majesty's Stationary Office

The following new documents can be viewed and downloaded by following the links:


Statutory Instrument 2002 No. 3217

The Street Works (Records) (England) Regulations 2002




Statutory Instrument 2002 No. 2091

The Street Works (Recovery of Costs) (England) Regulations 2002





Statutory Instrument 2002 No. 2092

The Street Works (Inspection Fees) (England) Regulations 2002




HAUC Community

The HAUC Community has been set up to provide HAUC members with information on its activities and to offer advice on frequently asked technical questions on street works issues. It also contains the question and answer facility on ETON and notices issues that previously appeared on the NE HAUC website. This community site is in development and will be expanding over the coming months. www.hauc.uk

'Section 74' came into effect on the 1st April 2001


On February 19th a presentation on the subject was  held at the Federation Brewery, Gateshead.

To download the PowerPoint slideshow:-

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